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  • On this page, you’ll find easy-to-understand videos for every single sentence pattern you learn in each section of GENKI, a best-selling elementary Japanese textbook series for international students (click here for the GENKI website).
  • Watching videos will help you better understand sentence patterns that are difficult to grasp just by reading the descriptions in the textbook.
  • Since a video is produced for each sentence pattern, you can easily choose the one you want to view and watch it as many times as you like.
  • You can also have fun and learn without getting bored since many of the videos are very humorous.
  • Teachers who use GENKI can use the videos for the introduction, practice, and review of lessons as well.

This video collection of sentence patterns is produced based on the grammar items in “Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese” published by The Japan Times Publishing.

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Ken Okayama

Junior at Sakura University

Moe Tanaka

Sophomore at Sakura University.


International student from China

Professor Suzuki

Moeʼ s Mother


Working at Sakura University

Can I watch them for free?

Yes, you can watch them for free. (A separate data communication fee may be charged.)


Can I watch them on a tablet or smartphone?

Yes, you can. A separate data communication fee may be charged when you watch them without using a Wi-Fi environment.


Would it be fine if I donʼ t have the GENKI textbooks?

Since these are videos created for people who study using the GENKI textbooks, we recommend that you read the grammar explanation in the textbooks before watching the videos.


Can I use them in my class?

There is no issue as long as you are using them in accordance with the Notice on Viewing shown below.


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Sure. If possible, please link to Genki Online (


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