GENKI is a highly acclaimed series of integrated resources for learning elementary Japanese through a well-balanced approach to all four language skill areas—speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Used in many Japanese language courses around the world.


The second editions of GENKI Textbook I, Workbook I, and PICTURE CARDS I were released in February 2011 and feature four major revisions. Click the link here for a detailed look at those changes, plus information on the upcoming...


To aid instructors who use GENKI, we have included a page of links to additional classroom activity ideas, kanji cards, a vocabulary index, and other ready-to-use tools and information for enhancing classroom learning. Be sure to check out these handy resources.


Bookstores in Japan

GENKI materials can be purchased through any bookstore in Japan. If what you’re looking for isn’t in stock, just have the store backorder it for you. A list of bookstores that carry many Japanese language study materials is available here.

【iPhone App】GENKI Vocab Cards

GENKI Vocab Cards is a digital vocabulary card app that enables users to learn approximately 1,200 words essential for beginners along with the native pronunciations at their own pace.

【iPhone App】GENKI Kanji Cards

GENKI Kanji Cards is a digital card app that helps users become able to recognize 317 basic kanji by studying more than 1,100 kanji words at their own pace.